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Leanna Craig
Regional Director – Southwest
Virginia Veteran and Family Support
Department of Veterans Services
700 University City Boulevard
Blacksburg, VA 24060
Office: 540.443.7527

Serving Virginia Veterans and Families – Building a Community of Strength

Veteran and Family Support (VVFS) (formerly the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program), monitors and coordinates behavioral health, rehabilitative, and supportive services through an integrated and responsive system of care.

VVFS proudly serves Virginia veterans of any era, members of the Armed Forces, National Guard and Reserves not in active federal service, and their families.

VVFS provides peer and family support and comprehensive care coordination services including:
• Direct linkages to medical and behavioral healthcare, veterans benefits, housing, employment, and other
public and private assistance programs;
• Peer and family support groups, resilience-focused training, and workshops for couples and families; and
• Specialized outreach and assistance to vulnerable veterans, including at risk or homeless veterans and
veterans involved in the criminal justice system.

VWWP was officially rebranded to Virginia Veteran and Family Support on October 1, 2015.  Our program’s new brand is wellness focused and incorporates the family unit.  The new brand avoids references to wounds, illness, or injuries in order to help ensure that those we seek to serve are more comfortable in seeking and accepting assistance.

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