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nrvcs-logo-websliderMISSION STATEMENT
New River Valley Community Services provides community-based behavioral health services which promote independence and improved quality of life for our citizens.


We will work toward positive outcomes in our clients’ lives.
We will strive toward continuous learning and improvement.
We will provide the highest level of customer service.
We will provide services that exceed the standard of quality.
We will maintain a workforce of individuals who are engaged and empowered.

We will be honest in our dealings with clients and each other.
We will be accountable for our commitments and for upholding our values.

We believe outcomes are better when we work together.
We will support our clients in achieving their goals.
We believe achievement is greater when we work with our community.
We will strive to help our community support and include all of its members.

We will be open in our decision making.
We will encourage and support honest dialogue.
We will acknowledge our mistakes.
We will share information with each other and our community.

Principles New River Valley Community Services is committed to the following principles:

  • To provide person-centered, culturally competent services;
  • To operate in a fiscally responsible manner;
  • To offer programs that promote self-determination and recovery; and
  • To effectively use technology.

Agency Vision

  • To provide leadership and build partnerships in our community.
  • To provide effective and efficient services which are at the cutting edge of our field.
  • To be an outcomes driven organization.
  • To become the employer and provider of choice in the New River Valley.