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For emergencies, referrals, or first appointments, contact Access Services at 540.961.8400.

Outpatient Services may include individual, as well as family and group therapy. Services may be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual, which may include: attachment issues, substance abuse, and/or trauma. Psychological testing can also be made available, depending on the individual’s needs.

Adult Mental Health Case Management Services are provided to individuals who show evidence of severe and recurrent disability resulting from a mental illness. The disability must result in functional limitations in major life activities and individuals must be expected to require services for an extended period of time – or have undergone psychiatric treatment more intensive than outpatient services on more than one occasion.

The primary goal of case management is to help individuals maintain stability and placement within the community. Case managers assess the individual’s specific psychiatric and physical healthcare needs, in order to better connect them with available resources and supports.

Once an Individual Service Plan (ISP) has been implemented, case managers meet with the individual monthly to review services, goals, objectives, and assess for any changes in needs. The ISP is person-centered and is reviewed quarterly to ensure that ongoing needs are being addressed appropriately.

Case management services can be provided within the client’s community, home, and/or mental health clinic.

Mental Health Skill-Building services are designed to provide education/training to increase individual skills to enable high risk individuals with serious mental illnesses and functional limitations to increase their ability to maintain living in their community as independently as possible.

New Horizons, located in Fairlawn, is a Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) that provides services to adults (male and female) ages 18 and over, including those placed under Temporary Detention Orders (TDO’s) and commitment orders. The program serves individuals with acute mental health issues.

Crisis stabilization may last up to 15 days and includes comprehensive, integrated mental health services that are targeted at recovery from the crisis. While most services are provided in the residential setting, some may be provided during the day on a case-by-base basis. Individuals with Medicaid may be eligible for home-based services.

Referrals/admissions to New Horizons are made by calling Access Emergency Services at 540-961-8400. To learn more about New Horizons, click here.