Substance Abuse/Recovery Services for Minors

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As a public provider of behavioral health services, NRVCS (New River Valley Community Services) offers a variety of services that provide treatment and support for minors (youth under 18 years of age) who are recovering from substance use disorders. These include:

Case Management
NRVCS provides case management services which can assist adolescents in recovery with a variety of services to improve their lives. If an adolescent is experiencing difficulties in school, with the legal system and/or at home, case managers can evaluate those needs and develop a plan of treatment with the client and his/her family. The plan may include further testing, individual, family and/or group counseling, as well as psychiatric services.

Diagnosis, Assessment and Psychological Evaluation
Further diagnostic and assessment may be needed to assist us to not only better determine the needs of the adolescent but also to select and refer them for the appropriate service (s). This helps us to not only better determine the needs of the adolescent/teen, but to also select and refer them for the appropriate service(s). A comprehensive psychological evaluation may also be recommended. These services are provided by our licensed psychologist and therapists.

Outpatient counseling
Adolescents/teens may be seen in a clinic by one of our outpatient counselors. The counselor will provide services regarding the identified problems in the adolescent’s life and an individual service plan will be identified with the steps for solving them. Family members may be included in the counseling.

Prevention Services
Efforts to prevent substance abuse and promote healthy lifestyles for youth are promoted by our prevention services. Anyone can request information or educational presentations on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. We also can help other community organizations develop programs to build youth social skills, and coalitions. Other prevention programs are offered within the schools, as needed. These could include psychoeducational groups, individual sessions, and/or family sessions related to substance abuse services.

Psychiatric Medication Management
Adolescents/teens may be seen by one of our Psychiatrists. The psychiatrist will evaluate the need for medication and provide a prescription if one is needed. The nurse will help adolescents understand how to take and use the medicine. The nurse will also discuss any side effects of the medicine and answer questions. Family members may also learn how to assist with medication.

NRVCS accepts a variety of insurance coverages, including Medicaid. Fees are based on a sliding scale for those who are uninsured.