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nrvcs_logo_conceptNRVCS offers school-based clinical and case management services for children attending public schools in the counties of Floyd, Giles, Montgomery and Pulaski, as well as the City of Radford.

School-based clinicians provide mental health counseling, case management and crisis intervention services to children in their own natural environments: at school, at home, and in the community.

Research has shown that one in five children suffer from emotional or behavioral difficulties, but only one-third of these children receive the services they need. Some of the typical barriers to services may include: lack of transportation to service provider offices, the stigma of seeking services, lack of funding or insurance coverage, poor experience in the past with providers, and a lack of awareness of resources available in the community. School-based clinical services help overcome many of these obstacles.

Clinicians who work with the NRVCS school-based program provide a blend of services to children, including clinical counseling, family therapy, small group work, skill building, parenting education, crisis intervention, collateral contacts with other providers, appropriate referrals, case management services and more.

Direct services are administered at least twice per month to several times per week, depending on the needs of the individual child.

School-based clinicians address all areas of a child’s functioning, not just those at school. Clinicians provide in-home services, family systems therapy, case management, and crisis intervention. An added benefit of this service is that school-based clinicians are able to access children immediately and provide early intervention and screening – all in an environment that is less-threatening for the child and more convenient for the families.

Services are provided throughout the year. Clinicians work with their clients through the summer, often supplementing clinical services with day treatment (similar to therapeutic camps) or in-home visits, or community outings.

Another important component of school-based clinical services is communication among all other services providers involved (the school system, other counselors, the Department of Social Services, etc.).

All of NRVCS’ school-based clinicians are Master’s level counselors, trained in working with highly complex family systems and issues. Our team of clinicians have a wealth of experience, having worked with in-home services, outpatient counseling, day treatment, the court system, hospitals, schools, and other service environments.