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Prevention Resources: Vaping & E-cigarettes

Watch/listen as Dr. Victor DeNoble, a former tobacco scientist, breaks down what happens to your body when you use an e-cigarette or vaping device.

Educate Yourself!

Quick Facts on the Risks of E-cigarettes for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults (

FACT SHEET: E-cigarettes (Truth Initiative)

TIPS for TEENS: Tobacco Use (


Resources to Help You QUIT!

Yes! You really can quit – and your body and brain will thank you for it! Below are some great (and FREE!) resources to consider if you need help quitting:

This Is Quitting (from the Truth Initiative)
The first-of-its-kind program to help young people quit vaping, This is Quitting has helped over 400,000 youth and young adults on their journey to quit vaping. Learn more about how it works and the additional resources available for parents of young vapers and for adults who want to quit.

Teens and young adults can join for free by texting DITCHVAPE to 88709.

Quit Now Virginia (from the Virginia Department of Health)
Quit Now Virginia provides free information and coaching by telephone or online to residents who want to quit smoking or using tobacco. The counseling is offered by trained Quit Coaches; in combination with nicotine replacement therapy or medication prescribed by healthcare providers. This gives the patient the best chance of quitting successfully.

Live Vape Free Virginia (
Live Vape Free Virginia is a free service offering professional support and expert advice to parents and teens.

Quit Vaping (from
Developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this site provides a variety of resources and support for individuals who want to quit vaping, as well as other tobacco products.

N-O-T: Not On Tobacco® (from the American Lung Association)
Not On Tobacco® (N-O-T) is the American Lung Association’s voluntary quit smoking program for teens ages 14 – 19. Over the 10-week program, participants learn to identify their reasons for smoking, healthy alternatives to tobacco use and people who will support them in their efforts to quit.

Quit the Hit is a free, 5-week program that helps you quit vaping over Instagram group DMs

If you live in the New River Valley and need help with an addiction or mental health issue, call NRVCS at 540-961-8400 to schedule an appointment.