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Permanent Supportive Housing

What is Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)?
Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is a new housing program at NRVCS. PSH houses individuals who have a serious mental illness and who have been homeless for at least six months. PSH works will landlords and property owners to house these individuals.

Our Mission
Our mission is to end homelessness by offering permanent, safe and affordable housing, and supportive services in a professional, dignified, supportive, and respectful manner.

Our vision is to offer permanent supportive housing for individuals with mental illness, substance use, medical and intellectual disabilities in order to promote independence and improved quality of life. We believe in a “housing first” approach. Housing is a necessity that allows individuals to be able to achieve their goals, build a positive connection in their community, and maintain access to all their physical and mental health needs.

1. Assist individuals with obtaining permanent housing.

2. Assist individuals with developing and increasing skills to maintain permanent housing

3. Assist individuals with achieving healthier lifestyles by using available community resources

A “Housing First” approach helps tennants:
– Access health care
– Build community connections
– Achieve their goals

Benefits of working with PSH for property owners and landlords:
– Consistent monthly rent payments
– A supportive team to help ensure the success of your tennant

Contact Us
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