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Coalitions form when different sectors of a community work together to achieve mutual goals. Throughout the United States, thousands of coalitions have developed to create change and opportunities that promote health and wellness at the community level. Strong coalitions bring people together, focus on a community problem, build capacity and expand resources, and achieve better results than a single group or agency could do alone.

Our coalitions are made up of various community partners including parents, youth, schools, law enforcement, health care providers, local industry, and more.


NRVCS Prevention coordinates four local coalitions in the New River Valley:

Giles Youth Adult Partnership (GYAP) 

Montgomery County Prevention Partners (MCPP)

Pulaski Community Partners Coalition (PCPC)

 Radford Youth Adult Partnership (RYAP)

If you’re interested in learning more or becoming involved in community change, check out your community’s individual coalition tab for agendas, meeting times, contact information and more.