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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can register with NRVCS Rides?
    • Only current New River Valley Community Service employees with and acceptable driving record are allowed to register and use vehicles.
    • Individuals must have successfully completed defensive driving and pre-trip inspection training.
  • How do I register?
    • Registration takes place online on our website or via our mobile application.
    • Mobile application can be downloaded on agency or personal cell phone.
    • You will need:
      • A photo of your current driver’s license
      • A selfie
      • Your employee email, ID number, and RU number
  • Where can I find NRVCS Vehicles?
    • Vehicles available for use are indicated on the map when you open your NRVCS Rides application.  The map will show defined areas where you can rent and park vehicles.
  • Reserving a Vehicle
    • Vehicle can be reserved on-demand or scheduled ahead of time.
    • Please cancel your trip or reservation if you are not going to use the vehicle.
  • Starting a trip
    • Unlock car with app
    • Remove key from glovebox
    • Perform your pretrip inspection
    • Start your drive
  • Ending my trip?
    • All trips should be ended in the app when you return to your original designated parking area.   
    • Fuel the vehicle if it has less than ½ a tank of fuel.
    • If you are traveling between sites, you can keep your reservation going until you return to your original location.
    • Please check out of agency vehicles when they are not in use so that others have access.
    • Remove all belongings and remove any trash at the end of each trip.
    • Complete required post trip in app.
  • Use of NRVCS vehicle?
    • Vehicles shall only be used in the performance of agency business.
    • Vehicles will be shared with all agency employees in need of a vehicle for official agency business.
    • All vehicles must be returned to approved parking locations at the end of each day.  Only staff who are on currently on-call or have approval from their director and transportation staff are allowed to take and park vehicles at their home.
  • What if I am involved in an accident?
    • If there are injuries or imminent danger – call 911
    • Staff must call 540-831-4020 (24 Hours/365 Days) in the event of an accident or collision.
    • All accidents must have police reports filed