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Kids Program for Assertive Community Treatment (KPACT) is an intensive wraparound service available to Family Assessment and Planning Teams to give families more day-to-day support for behaviorally challenged children who have had other less restrictive services but who continue to be at risk of out of home placement.

This service is utilized for children or adolescents with mental health diagnosis who require intensive supervision and support in the community, provided by a team of clinical staff and behavioral specialist. The behavioral specialist is responsible for ensuring the client is being safe and appropriate while in the community and providing behavioral redirection and coaching when necessary. Behavioral specialists engage the child in activities in the home or community and often work towards the young person’s identified goals.

In addition to treatment plans and reviews, monthly “report cards” are completed and provided to the Family Assessment and Planning Team funding KPACT services. These report cards will provide a review of goals, a summary of the progress toward those goals, and any other pertinent information.