Intensive Care Coordination

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Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) is provided for the specific purpose of maintaining a youth in, or transitioning to, a family-based or community setting. All services are coordinated in conjunction with the family or legal guardian and in close collaboration with Community Policy and Management and Family Assessment and Planning Teams to assure adequate support and funding.

Services are characterized by activities that extend beyond the scope of routine case management and include a high fidelity wraparound approach. More specifically, our ICC works diligently to assess and identify wraparound needs; link the youth and their family to wraparound services; coordinate with other professionals; monitor the youth’s ongoing progress; and provide education and support to the youth and his/her family on an as needed basis.

When transitioning from a residential facility, the ICC attends regular treatment team meetings and visits with the youth at a minimum of two times per month, prior to implementing the community-based wrap plan. All ICC services are individualized, family-driven, youth-guided, strengths-based, culturally competent and coordinated across systems.