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Joe Klein, an outpatient clinician with NRVCS, is credited with creating the Recovery Dojo (RD) program as part of an effort to offer a more client-focused, practical, systemic and clinically sound approach to treating SUDs. He says this Partial Hospitalization Program that can serve up to ten individuals at a time, providing them with intensive group therapy and recovery skills training for five hours per day (9:30 AM – 3:00 PM), every Monday through Thursday.

“The length of time in the program is determined by each individual’s need and their progress toward recovery goals,” explains Klein, who says the average length of participation in the program is 6 – 8 weeks.

“This program treats the whole person with therapeutic interventions and skills training that target the causes and solutions to addictive habits at the levels of the body, brain, and mind” Klein adds. “Participants are shown how to begin engaging in daily habits of self-care that nourish their bodies, stabilize their brain chemistry and help them resolve cravings to use substances.”

Klein went on to say that Recovery Dojo challenges participants to practice new daily habits of eating, exercising, resting, working, and positive thinking. Two core components of the program are training in evidence-based mindfulness skills and health coaching in exercise and nutrition choices that aid in recovery from addiction. Klein notes that each participant will be mentored to develop and execute a personalized plan of health and nutrition goals as an integral part of their overall Individualized Service Plan (ISP).

“Participants in the Recovery Dojo will be active and engaged in activities that effectively challenge and change their habitual ways of being,” Klein adds. “This begins the process of changing their brain pathways, healing their bodies, restoring relationships and repairing their lives.”

To make referrals to the Recovery Dojo program, please contact Elizabeth Holmes at or by phone at 540-831-4000.