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What is the NRV Crisis Center?

The NRV Crisis Center provides behavioral health crisis support to adults living in the New River Valley.  It is located at 401 W. Main Street Radford, VA at the NRVCS Radford Center.  We provide rapid access to care for individuals experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis.  This includes nursing assessment, clinical support, psychiatric prescribing, and peer support. 

The NRV Crisis Center is a local alternative to receiving mental health assessment and support in an emergency room setting.  It provides a calm and supportive environment outside of emergency rooms and can more rapidly connect individuals with resources and care.  It also provides a diversion from law enforcement custody and the state inpatient hospital system.  The model is recovery oriented and stigma reducing. 

The goal of the site is to provide 24 hour services 7 days a week when fully staffed. 

Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in employment at the NRV Crisis Center, we are hiring for the following positions.  If you click on the link of a position you are interested in, it will provide more information about that role and an opportunity to apply online.

Registered Nurse – *Overnights* – (CLICK HERE to apply)

Intensive Program Clinician I or II – Crisis Center (CLICK HERE to apply)

Peer Recovery Specialist – Crisis Center – (CLICK HERE to apply)