Community Transit Exterior Bus Advertising for the New River Valley

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Community Transit Exterior Bus Advertising for the New River Valley

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Have you ever wished for a traveling advertisement? If so, advertising on Community Transit vehicles is for you. Our vehicles go all over the New River Valley – from our main streets to the back roads of Giles and Floyd counties! Community Transit advertising reaches customers where they live, work, play, and commute. Each of our vehicles averages over 2,000 miles per month!

We have 9 vehicles that operate on several routes that serve our local community on a regular basis and we rotate our vehicles from route to route. This means that your ad will be featured in many different locations within our service area. This puts your brand before customers who may be difficult to reach by advertising in the “same old place” day after day.

Community Transit has ads available on the rear facing, curb facing, and street facing windows of our body-on-chassis buses. All windows on the same side of the vehicle are sold together as a group. We have several different body styles and window configurations within our fleet.


Community Transit rear facing advertisement

Rear Facing Advertisement

Our rear facing ad space gives you both of the rear facing windows. This space provides maximum exposure for your brand in congested town driving situations by engaging customers in slow moving traffic and at stop lights. Your ad will also be seen by cars traveling behind the vehicle along our scenic country roads and interstates. The size of this ad space varies between approximately 4 and 6 square feet, depending on the style of the vehicle.



Curb Side Advertisement

Community Transit curb side ad

Our curb side ads give you all of the windows on the curb facing side of the vehicle. This space maximizes exposure of your brand for pedestrians in town and in our rural service areas. This space also performs well on the road – connecting your brand with drivers and passengers on two-lane roads and in the turning lane. Our buses are tall! These ads can easily be seen above many vehicles on the road. Community Transit vehicles have a variety of window configurations. This space varies in size from approximately 12 to 14 square feet, depending on the style of the vehicle.

Street Side Advertisements

Advertise with Community Transit

Our street side advertisements give you all of the street side windows on the vehicle. This space is great for connecting with pedestrians in town and country. Rising high above traffic, this space is also great on the open road. These are the largest ads we have available. If your ad must be BIG, this is the space for you. Our vehicles have a variety of window configurations. This space varies in size from approximately 18 to 25 square feet depending on the style of the vehicle.

How to Place an Ad

  1. Give us a call to learn about the spaces we currently have available.
  2. Choose the space that best suits your goals.
  3. Download our advertising contract and template to work with in the development of the artwork for your ad.
  4. Return your completed contract and proposed artwork.
  5. We’ll review your artwork to be certain that it meets our standards. This process can take between 2 and 4 weeks.
  6. Once your artwork is approved, we will notify you and process payment.
  7. The costs of production and installation of the ad is included in the price – if using our approved vendor.
  8. Celebrate your brand as your advertisement travels throughout our area!

Guidelines for Advertisers

NRVCS is committed to maintaining a clean image on its vehicles. We have a few simple guidelines that detail what is and is not appropriate for display on our vehicles.

  1. NRVCS reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.
  2. Advertisements that may be found to be offensive, disparaging, embarrassing, or otherwise inappropriate in the eyes of its employees, riders, clients, or community members will be refused by NRVCS.
  3. NRVCS will not accept any advertisements that are obscene, libelous, or fraudulent.
  4. NRVCS will not accept advertisements for alcohol or alcohol related products.
  5. NRVCS will not accept advertisements for tobacco or tobacco related products.
  6. NRVCS will not accept advertisements for political campaigns, political issues, issue advocacy, public interest, or public service campaigns.
  7. All artwork must be reviewed and approved by NRVCS prior to issuing a contract or accepting a deposit.

If there is an issue with the content of an advertisement, NRVCS will communicate that to the client during the review process and suggest revisions.