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Robinson tapped to serve on
SAMHSA national planning committee

By Mike Wade, NRVCS

Leroy Robinson, Program Manager of Peer and Family Support Services for NRVCS, has been asked to serve on a planning committee for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) Office of Recovery. This committee will be working on plans for a virtual meeting in July focusing on recovery in rural communities across the country.

Robinson, one of the two original graduates of the Pulaski County Recovery Court Treatment Program in 2016, went on to become certified as a Peer Recovery Specialist. He has worked at NRVCS since 2017. Robinson was recommended for the committee by SAMHSA Office of Recovery Director Paolo del Vecchio.

“I’m pretty stoked about it,” says Robinson. “Especially since the focus will be on rural areas like the New River Valley. When it comes to grants and other opportunities, smaller and more rural communities often get overlooked. So, I’m honored to be a voice that can bring some of that perspective to the table.”

Image of Leroy Robinson
Leroy Robinson

Robinson explains that he first heard Director del Vecchio speak at a national conference earlier this year and was so impressed that he asked the Director to speak at the annual Region 3 (Virginia) peer conference held in April. Following the April event, Mr. del Vecchio’s office emailed Robinson with an invitation to join the planning committee.

“I think it’s wonderful that Leroy has been afforded this opportunity,” adds NRVCS Executive Director James Pritchett. “This level of recognition obviously validates the incredible work that Leroy has done on behalf of the peer movement, while also working his own recovery plan.”

“At the same time, I believe this also proves that our organization and our region are leading the way in growing a peer-based model of services and supports that ultimately benefits everyone in our community,” says Pritchett.

The planning committee will begin meeting May 8 with bi-weekly meetings planned until the conference on July 10-11. Organizers say they hope the presentations and discussions will call attention to not just the foremost issues affecting rural health, but also the innovative solutions to improve outcomes for persons in recovery.

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