Kathy Kenley to retire from NRVCS after 32 years

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Kathy Kenley
Kathy Kenley

Kathy Kenley has announced that she will retire from New River Valley Community Services (NRVCS) at the end of December. Kenley has been employed by the agency since 1988.

Currently serving as a supervisor in Community Wellness & Outreach at NRVCS, the majority of Kenley’s professional career has been devoted to the field of prevention, with a focus on addressing both substance use and mental health issues among youth. Over the years, Kenley has played a pivotal role in development of NRVCS’ prevention work within the New River Valley’s public school systems and implementation of parenting programs designed to enhance communication and relationships within local families.

Most recently, Kenley has coordinated the agency’s efforts to provide Mental Health First Aid trainings to community members, as well as training and education pertaining to Adverse Childhood Experiences or “ACEs”. She has also led the agency’s suicide prevention efforts – including facilitation of the NRV Suicide Prevention Collaborative.

“Kathy’s body of work speaks for itself,” noted Mike Wade, Coordinator of Community Wellness & Outreach for NRVCS. “She possesses a wealth of knowledge about prevention through her decades of service, but what truly makes Kathy special is her unwavering desire to make a positive impact on our communities.”

Kenley, a Certified Prevention Specialist, has served on numerous committees and workgroups at the local and regional level. She is also currently a member of the Southwest Regional Advisory Board for the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth.

“Kathy is a valued and respected colleague among the community of prevention professionals across Virginia,” adds NRVCS Executive Director James Pritchett. “I have had the privilege of working directly with Kathy and also serving as her supervisor in the past and I can attest to her dedication and passion for not only prevention – but behavioral health in general.”

Although she is retiring as an active employee, Kenley does plan to continue to support NRVCS’ work as a volunteer.

“I’m grateful to have been a part of NRVCS for so long, and deeply value the lessons learned and relationships earned over the years,” says Kenley. “I’m excited about the prospect of new opportunities for service that retirement affords, and look forward to crossing paths with NRVCS folk in the future…Until then, onward and upward, friends!”

“Kathy has been an outstanding employee, colleague and mentor,” adds Wade. “We certainly wish her the very best as she enters a new chapter of life.”

Kenley and her husband, Mike, live in Christiansburg. The couple has two grown children.

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