Claremont program hosts open house

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The Claremont Therapeutic Day Treatment Program recently had an open house to celebrate the major renovations at their site.

Claremont, located in Pulaski, serves school aged clients who have been placed on homebound educational services by the school system due to behavioral, emotional, or medical issues. These students would typically receive one hour of educational services in the community or in their home through homebound services offered by their local school district.

However, Claremont provides a five-hour day for these clients so they can remain in a structured program. Most of the local school systems send the homebound educational instructor to the Claremont site to provide the educational services to the clients served by the program. This allows for the clients to spend the remainder of their day at Claremont focusing on developing and improving the skills needed for them to be able to return and successfully reintegrate to their regular school setting.

The program staff provide psycho-educational groups, experiential learning activities, and recreational activities that allow the clients to work on social skills, emotion regulation, cooperative learning, and daily living skills.

For more information about the Claremont Therapeutic Day Treatment Program, feel free to contact J. Lynne Winebarger, Program Supervisor, at 540-818-9535.

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