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Services at NRVCS
New River Valley Community Services provides programs and treatment to children, adults and families. The following is an overview of services currently offered through NRVCS:

- Access: Emergency & Assessment Services, Adult Clinical Services
- Adult & Family Services
- Child & Family Services
- Financial & Administrative Support Services

For emergencies, referrals or first appointments, call Access Services
at 961-8400

Access: Emergency & Assessment Services, Adult Clinical Services
Access is typically the central point of entry into the NRVCS system of care. The Access Unit provides timely emergency, assessment, clinical mental health and substance abuse treatment services to individuals and families in our community.

Emergency Services: Staff provides 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week availability for phone and face-to-face intervention which includes: crisis intervention; pre-screening for hospitalization; working with the legal, judicial, healthcare and other referral sources; and securing inpatient beds or alternative services.

Clinical Intake Services: During the intake process, staff conducts a thorough clinical assessment to determine the client’s service needs and/or appropriate level of services. A financial assessment is completed to determine payment responsibilities. An initial appointment is scheduled with the appropriate service provider and a follow-up is made to ensure the appointment was kept, the linkage was appropriate, and the client is satisfied.

Outpatient Services & Short-Term Counseling Services: Staff provides psychotherapy, education, crisis intervention and case management to clients with a wide variety of mental health and substance abuse problems. Most of these services are provided in the community-based clinics, though some are provided at other locations. Services are individualized for each client/consumer and may be provided using individual, family or group treatment models.  Short-term counseling is available for clients who need immediate, on-going counseling beyond the initial intervention and prior to being able to set up entry into other services. 

Stepping Stones - Intensive Outpatient Services: This program is designed to provide what an individual would get in terms of education and therapy from a traditional residential substance abuse program while allowing the person to stay at home and continue with his or her regular job. The group meets three nights each week for ten weeks. Each night’s session is for 3 hours. The maximum number for each group is 12 people. The group is open-ended so that people can join during any part of the ten-week cycle and gain full benefit.  Individual counseling is a concurrent requirement.

After Care and Relapse Prevention: This service provides education and treatment to individuals who have a history of relapsing into chemical use. Most of the service is provided in a group format but individual sessions are included. 

New Life Recovery Center (Residential Substance Abuse Services): The residential rehabilitation services at New Life Recovery Center provide treatment for addicted individuals in a residential environment so they can be removed from the situations in which they are most likely to relapse, at a time when they are the most vulnerable. The program provides individual and group therapy for the clients, as well as education about addiction and case management. This includes planning to get them back into an environment that will be more supportive of their decision to stop using alcohol or drugs. Located in Fairlawn, there are 10 beds for Intermediate Rehab services at this facility and a separate day program for individual waiting to enter into the residential service.

FLASH: Families Learning And Staying Healthy is a education and support group provided for families of individuals with substance abuse problems. The group meets weekly - on Monday evenings from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. at the NRVCS Montgomery Center (700 University City Boulevard, Blacksburg).

New Horizons (Residential Crisis Stabilization): A six-bed mental health and co-occurring substance abuse residential service located in Fairlawn,  this program provides intensive crisis services including individual, group, education, medication and psychiatric assessment. Case management , peer support and follow-up services are also provided.

Testing/Assessment Services: Under contracts and by referral, staff provides specific testing or assessment batteries including: forensic evaluations, disability testing, competency and substance abuse evaluations.

RAFT Hotline: Volunteers provide phone empathy, information and referral, reassurance and crisis work, for multiple types of problems with all ages and populations. The volunteers provide phone back up to ACCESS emergency services. The hours vary depending on staff coverage.

Jail and Jail Diversion Services: Under contract, some treatment and educational services are provided in our local jails. Our staff also provide post booking treatment services to individuals identified with a mental health diagnosis

Valley Employee Assistance Program: Program staff develops and markets contracts with business, industry and other agencies. Services include: assessment, crisis intervention, brief treatment and referral, if necessary, for contract employees and their family members. Training for supervisory staff and orientation for employees are also included in the contracts.

Adult & Family Services

Adult and Family Services strives to offer a continuum of supports using a team approach where all individuals and families served:

-can easily access any service for which they qualify in a timely fashion;

-have: safe, affordable, and satisfactory housing of their choosing; proper nutrition; and quality      healthcare;

-receive the training and support necessary to help them live with dignity and independence as they pursue life goals, meaningful work, social relationships, leisure activities, and spiritual wellbeing.

AFS Community Assessment and Crisis Teams:  These teams provide initial screenings, assessments, intakes, and short-term case management and mental health supports for individuals new to Adult and Family Services.  Psychiatric evaluation and medication services are provided in conjunction with the NRVCS Psychiatric Team. They are based out of the Montgomery Center (covering individuals from Montgomery, Floyd, and Giles Counties) and the Pulaski Center (covering individuals from Pulaski County and the City of Radford).  They also provide intensive crisis intervention and crisis stabilization for individuals currently served by other AFS Teams who are experiencing psychiatric and/or behavioral problems which jeopardize their community living situation.  Referrals to Community Assessment and Crisis Team may be made by calling the Pulaski Center or the Montgomery Center.  Services are generally staffed during business hours but may be available 24 hours a day seven days a week depending on the support needs and staff available.  After hours referrals may be made by calling (540) 961-8315. 

AFS Community Support Teams: These teams provide ongoing assessments, case management, supportive counseling, mental health supports, and/or psycho-education and rehabilitation to individuals engaged in recovery from serious mental illnesses as well as co-occurring intellectual disabilities and/or substance use disorders.  Psychiatric evaluation and medication services are provided in conjunction with the NRVCS Psychiatric Team. These teams cover all five NRVCS service areas and are based either on the home jurisdiction of the individuals participating or an identified population (i.e. Fairview Home, Geriatric Services, VIEW, etc.).  New referrals to a Community Support Team may be made by contacting the Community Assessment and Crisis Team.  Services are generally provided during business hours and are available up to seven days a week .depending on the support need and staff available.

ICT Team (Intensive Community Treatment):  This multidisciplinary team provides services to individuals who, because of their serious mental illness, are either unable or unwilling to participate in services in a traditional office setting. The ICT team currently only serves individuals living in Montgomery or Giles Counties.  Services are primarily provided in the individual's home by a team including: Qualified Mental Health Clinicians, Mental Health Professionals, and Mental Health Paraprofessionals, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, and Recovery Support Specialists.  Referrals to the ICT may be made directly by contacting the Community Assessment and Crisis Team or by contacting the ICT supervisor directly at (540) 961-8336. Services are staffed during business and early evening hours Monday-Friday but are available as needed seven days a week, 24 hours a day.   This Team can provide up to daily medication assistance services when needed. 

PACT Team (Program for Assertive Community Treatment):  This multidisciplinary team provides services to individuals who, because of their serious mental illness, are either unable or unwilling to participate in services in a traditional office setting. The PACT team currently only serves individuals living in the City of Radford, Pulaski County, and nearby areas of Montgomery County.  Services are primarily provided in the individual's home by a team including: Qualified Mental Health Clinicians, Mental health Professionals, and Mental Health Paraprofessionals, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, and Recovery Support Specialists.  Referrals to PACT may be made by contacting the Community Assessment and Crisis Team or by directly contacting the PACT supervisor at (540) 831-4040.  Services are staffed during daily from early morning until early evening hours and are available as needed seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This Team can provide up to daily medication assistance services when needed. 

AFS Clinical Consultation Team: A team of Licensed Clinicians with expertise in serious mental illnesses as well as co-occurring intellectual disabilities and/or substance use disorders provide assessment, short-term counseling, staff training and technical assistance, and behavioral consultation designed to assist individuals, family members, care givers, and other AFS providers in supporting individuals in community settings who are exhibiting challenging needs which are not being successfully met by the primary AFS Team supporting the person.  Services are generally provided Monday through Friday during business hours.

Adult Psychiatric Services: This team’s psychiatrists and nurse practitioners work together with other teams to provide psychiatric evaluations, medication evaluations, and follow-up treatment for individuals diagnosed with a mental illness who may benefit from medications.  Licensed Nurses and Qualified Mental Health Professionals and Mental Health Paraprofessionals provide case management supports needed to coordinate psychiatric services with other NRVCS tc " Nursing services provide the overall implementation of medical services. Nurses are the primary"teams as well as community pharmacies, labs, and other medical providers.  tc " liason with doctors, pharmacies and the labs. Nurses provide medication education to consumers,"tc " give injections, distribute state pharmacy medications, and provide medical information and"Individuals tc " training for other staff. Individuals must be a current client in the agency and linked to nursing"must first be active with NRVCS to access this service. Services are provided Monday through Friday during business hours.

AFS Support Coordination Teams: These teams help individuals with intellectual disabilities that either currently receive or are on the waiting list to receive Medicaid Waiver Services access and maintain resources needed in the community.  Services include: referral/accessing/and monitoring resources for all facets of life; crisis intervention; family support and education; discharge planning; and community networking and education. Referrals to Support Coordination may be made directly through the team supervisor at (540) 961-8313.

AFS Community Teams: These teams focus on teaching individuals the life skills needed to maximize independence, build and maintain social support networks, and participate in paid or volunteer employment as desired.  All programs are open to individuals living in all NRVCS jurisdictions but some funding and disability restrictions do apply.   Teams include: Community Based Waiver Day Support (only available for individuals living in NRVCS Host Homes), Against All Odds Clubhouse in Radford, ECHO (Extended Clubhouse Opportunities) in Pulaski and Blacksburg, GMB (a lawn care and cleaning mini-business which provides competitive wage jobs for participants), and Pointe West Club in Blacksburg.  New referrals to Community Skills Team may be made by contacting the Community Assessment and Crisis Team.  Services are generally provided Monday through Friday during business hours.

Community Living Teams:  These teams  provide residential supports including Waiver Congregate and In-home Residential Services, Waiver Respite, Waiver Personal Assistance, DAP Residential, Crisis Housing, Fairview Home Assisted Living,  Each residential home is licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services BHDS or DSS Licensure standards for sponsored, supervised, supportive and/or in-home residential services.  NRVCS has five licensed group homes serving between 3 and 14 individuals. Individuals must first be active with NRVCS to enter one of these programs.  New referrals may be made by contacting the Community Assessment and Crisis Team. These services may vary from a few hours a day up to 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Child & Family Services

The mission of Child and Family Services is to support, strengthen, and promote healthy growth and development in children, youth, families and communities throughout the New River Valley.

Early Intervention and Case Management: The Infant & Toddler Connection of the New River Valley (ITC-NRV) serves children ages birth to three who have a developmental delay, atypical development, or have a diagnosed condition which is associated with developmental delays. The system manager for ITC-NRV, serves as the central point of entry at the lead agency, Radford University. Referrals for services are made to the system manager for ITC-NRV, who then makes an initial home visit, assembles the evaluation team, and facilitates the development of the initial Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). A Service Coordinator from NRVCS is assigned to work with the family while they are receiving Early Intervention services. 

Services offered are: Service coordination, special instruction, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, audiology, vision services, and assistive technology. NRVCS staff provides service coordination and special instructions. Services are provided in a natural environment with the focus on giving families and caregivers the support they need to achieve the desired goals.

There is no charge for Evaluation and Service Coordination. Fees for Special Instruction and Therapy Services are based upon the state-wide Ability to Pay mechanism mandated for Early Intervention. A primary provider model is used whenever possible with other team members serving as consultants.

Case Management: Case Managers assist children and their families in finding medical, psychiatric, social, educational, and other services which are needed for the child to thrive in the community. This would include help with referrals to other services, transportation to appointments, and assistance in working with school staff, physicians, and other agencies. 

Case managers work with children with serious emotional disturbances. They help families access Outpatient Treatment, Intensive In-Home Treatment, and ongoing psychiatric treatment and medication. 

Case managers also assist children with mental retardation to gain access to the Mental Retardation Waiver, which can provide Personal Assistance, Respite, Assistive Technology and other services. Case Managers also work with a child’s IEP team in the schools.

Children ages birth to 21 and sometimes beyond can receive Case Management Services. Case managers work with families from Floyd, Giles, Montgomery, and Pulaski counties, as well as the City of Radford.  

Case Management Services for children with mental retardation are funded by Medicaid.  Services for children with serious emotional disturbance are funded by Medicaid and FAMIS.  Families can also pay for services using a sliding scale fee. The local Family Assessment and Planning Team may also sometimes assist families in paying for services.  Referrals can be made directly to NRVCS.

In-Home Services: The goal of In-Home Services is to keep a child in his or her home. In-Home is an intense service with a minimum of three hours of service provided weekly. It is commonly the last choice before removing a child from the home.

In-Home Services are appropriate for a child who has a mental illness or an emotional disturbance. The child must be at risk of removal from the home, but must be able to benefit from treatment in an In-Home setting. A parent or guardian must be willing to participate in the treatment services. In-Home clinicians do individual and family therapy, crisis intervention, case management, and experiential therapy. They also make internal and external referrals and provide education.

Anyone can refer a child for in-home services by contacting NRVCS directly. A staffing can be arranged to determine if in-home services are appropriate for a child. Services are funded by Medicaid, FAMIS, and local Family Assessment and Planning Teams.  

Mental Health Supports: Mental health supports are also offered through In-Home Services. This type of support is geared towards older children who have documented chronic mental illness and need stabilization in the community and assistance with daily living skills. Mental health supports are funded by Medicaid but are not time-limited.

School Based Therapy/Day Treatment: The goal of School Based Therapy is to improve the ability of a referred student to learn in the classroom by providing an intense, therapeutic, systems-oriented plan for relief from unhealthy or dysfunctional behaviors in the school setting. Therapeutic and case management interventions are designed to alleviate the problems in a short term (four to six months) service. Some issues require longer term treatment.

After getting permission from a parent or guardian, a student is referred to a therapist by the guidance counselor, the school child study committee, the IEP committee, principal, or the child’s parent.  Services are available for students who aren’t in treatment with another source.  Therapy sessions are provided weekly to even daily if needed. Referrals are made for any of the following:

• Behavior problems (where an emotional problem is suspected) are interfering with a child functioning appropriately in the classroom.

• A child has been identified as needing special education services, or has had a child study meeting as well as an untreated emotional problem.

• A suspected emotional problem is interfering with a child’s attendance.

• Supportive counseling is needed for a child transitioning from an alternative school back to regular school.

• A need for therapy has been identified, but parents are unable or unwilling to follow through.

The school team working with a child is comprised of the therapist, principal, guidance counselor, and the classroom teacher. The school psychologist will provide information relating to the child’s educational ability.

An initial home visit will be made in order to conduct an initial assessment. Follow-up home visits are also made to provide family counseling. A psychiatric medical evaluation may also be done to determine if medication is needed.

Weekly sessions begin after a treatment plan is established.  The therapist will also monitor medication and behavior plans, and will consult with the school staff about the child’s progress.

Services are funded by Medicaid, Promoting Safe and Stable Families funding, and local Family Assessment and Planning Teams.  Families can also pay for services using a sliding scale fee.

Day Treatment: The goal of the Therapeutic Day Treatment program is to provide an optimal environment for children with significant disturbances to learn practical living skills that will enhance their academic and behavioral performance. Eligible children have documented mental, behavioral, or emotional illnesses which result in significant functional impairments in major life activities. Assessment for services may include observations and information from parents, guardians, probation officers, or other significant people in the child’s life.

Services offered include social, recreational, psycho-educational, and family counseling.  Children are involved in activities that are geared toward skill building and receive immediate feedback as to the appropriateness of their behavior. The program takes place mainly on days when regular educational programming isn’t taking place, (for example, in the summer).

Children are placed in groups based on age and therapeutic goals. A psychiatric evaluation may also be provided if needed. Day Treatment is funded by Medicaid. All school based and outpatient clinicians provide day treatment services.

Child and Family Outpatient Services provides:
• Individual, family, and group therapy.
• Psychological Testing and reports to the court
• Crisis Debriefing after school or industrial accidents/tragedies
• Mental Health Consultation for Head Start programs
• Representatives to participate on all five Family Assessment and Planning Teams (FAPT)
• Provides Case Management Services

Child and Family Outpatient Services are offered in the Montgomery Center, Pulaski Center, in the Floyd and Giles clinics, and the Radford Human Services Annex (next to the Department of Social Services). They are also offered in various schools in Montgomery County, in Floyd and Pulaski County High Schools, in all Head Start Classrooms in the New River Valley, and at the New River Valley Detention Center in Christiansburg.

Parents/grandparents, school, court, Juvenile Probation, or another relatives may initiate contact with NRVCS.  The referring professional or family member calls ACCESS, a brief phone screening is completed and an appointment is made with a clinician. A Case Manager or In-Home Services Clinician who is already involved may speak directly to a clinician about initiating Outpatient Services.   Services are funded by Medicaid, FAMIS, the local Family Assessment and Planning Teams, self-payment, and private insurance. Access can be reached 24 hours a day by calling 961-8400.

Prevention: Prevention programs strive to reduce individual, family, and environmental risk factors, increase resiliency, enhance protective factors, and achieve individual and comprehensive community wellness through a team or a collaborative approach. These programs are proactive, evidence-based, and outcomes are measurable.                                                                    

Prevention programs utilize strategies designed to educate people about alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use, mental disorders, physical illness, or violence and abuse; to inform the general public of problems associated with these issues, thereby raising awareness; or to intervene with at-risk or identified individuals to reduce identified concerns.

NRVCS Prevention programs cover all four counties in the New River Valley and Radford City.  They serve children ages three to eighteen and their families.  Prevention programs are delivered either to all members of a general population or targeted populations with specific risk factors.  These programs intervene at the individual, school, family, and community levels.

Financial & Administrative Support Services

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