Throughout all of its programs, NRVCS prides itself in offering the community a wide variety of behavioral health services for all ages. Adult and Family Services, a key facet of NRVCS, provides members of the New River Valley community various programs, ranging from day programs, crisis prevention, stabilization, and intervention, and at-home care. All programs are designed to best serve the individual and their needs, as well as providing care with highly trained and experienced staff.

As mentioned, programs within Adult and Family Services vary based on need. For example, according to Lauren Tate from Adult and Family Services, REACH (Regional Education Assessment Crisis Services Habilitation) serves individuals who are 18 years or older, with the goal “to stabilize current or emerging crisis events, strengthen the individuals’ support systems with intervention and training to increase capacity to support individuals served and promote person centered positive outcomes.”

In addition, NRVCS also offers a day program, Community Living Day Support, to individuals with primary Intellectual Disability (ID) diagnosis. According to Tate, this service “includes individualized training, support and supervision promoting peer interactions, opportunities for independent living and social skill development, and community participation” for these individuals.

Another program that focuses on promoting independence is the Psycho-social Rehabilitation program, focusing on “teaching individuals with serious mental illnesses the life skills needed to maximize independence, build and maintain social support networks and participate in paid or volunteer employment as desired,” according to Tate.

These programs are an example of how NRVCS is able to provide a better quality of life to individuals within the community, while encouraging independence and providing opportunities that may not otherwise be possible. With an emphasis on celebrating and emboldening these individuals, the focus is shifted to all of the positive possibilities in which they can take part. The caring, qualified, and resourceful staff of NRVCS help make these programs even more rewarding, and the individual and their needs are always of upmost priority.

If you are a member of the New River Valley community and would like more information regarding Adult and Family Services and its programs, please visit or call (540) 861-8400 to learn more.