Throughout the month of April, the National Child Abuse Prevention campaign has been in full swing. Similar to National Autism Awareness Month, National Child Abuse Prevention Month has focused on celebrating and protecting a special demographic: children.

By promoting child abuse awareness, encouraging abuse prevention strategies, and acknowledging the importance of our children’s well-being, National Child Abuse Prevention Month spent their 2015 campaign focusing on the positive.  Every year, through this campaign, children and families are given a voice to stand up to the violence. By speaking up about anti-violence and neglect strategies, we can all have a part in ending child abuse and supporting those who have suffered this tragedy in the past.

Since the passing of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act in 1974, according to, National Child Abuse Prevention Month has had the opportunity to assist communities and their children in countless ways in those 40 years. From the “Blue Ribbon Campaign” to their various national conferences, the month of April has been a month of hope and encouragement for families across the United States. Through the funding of the Children’s Bureau, National Child Abuse Prevention Month has received government backing in order to provide for families and children in need, as well as informing the general public of child abuse, child neglect, and preventive strategies.

For individuals who have children in their lives, protecting them and their well-being is of upmost priority. National Child Abuse Prevention Month acts as a way to celebrate our children’s health and happiness, while also giving all of us strategies, techniques, and resources to ensure this well-being is safeguarded and fostered throughout their lives.

To donate or see how you can help, please visit for more details. If you live in the New River Valley and would like to see how you can help locally, please feel free to contact New River Valley Community Services at (540)-961-8400 for more information.